Turret clock on the back gable of Herengracht 476 in Amsterdam runs and strikes exactly on time like in 1731.


Since march 29th 2001 at 4 o’clock time is indicated in the back garden at the gable of the impressive canal house Nr 476 Herengracht Amsterdam, while the hours are struck on a low sounding bell and the half hours on a high sounding bell at the roof.

Just like round 1731, when the Amsterdam Clockmaker Edward Brooks installed the clock (probably build by Melsert van der Meer), its heavy tick is to be heard at the attic now, like the heartbeat of the house.

In former days the staff climbed the stairs in the attic to wind the going and striking parts manually; now the Clock Care System takes over these duties and controls the old movement.
The house is occupied completely by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, so the clock room at the attic is difficult to reach. By means of light and a camera this magnificent wrought iron turret clock is to be admired one in al its glory one floor below.

Dirk van Lennep Dirksz, the owner from 1730 onwards, ordered the clock with bells, both with the text : ANNO 1731 Fecerunt De Grave & N.Muller Amsteldam.

Last year Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser (the oldest society that buys, restores and let important historical houses all over the country) asked us to restore this extraordinary timepiece and to connect it to the complete Clock Care System.



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